Friday, July 20, 2012


OK I started the spring and summer doing landscaping work. About a month in, my employer decided to go to Pasco and buy a trailer to live in. Well, that put me out of work. So I was talking to someone here about how hard it is to find work that is steady and pays decent.

Well at that moment my life changed. I was approached to work for a company that is in 23 countries and on 4 seperate continents. The company is ACN. Now to why I'm pissed. I closed a deal for a wireless service. The phone is through the SPRINT network. But the number doesn't exist anywhere. So now my mentor has yet to call me back after I left voicemails and text messages.

The problem is that I am on my own in this it seems. When my mentor told me he would be there every step of the way. Apparently he LIED. I hate liars. I took this job because I could stay at home with my kids. Be home with my wife. Now I have a problem I may not be able to fix. I took this job based on what I was told. People don't really understand how hard it is for me to find a decent paying job where I live. It is almost impossible. I applied all over this town and as always I am the outsider. But my job I have now, may have put all my personal relationships in jeopardy. Any thoughts or ideas.......feel free to share