Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is a big joke....some people think they can get away with anything. Yesterday I was in the process of talking to someone about Nikki's car and someone I cut ties with showed up. He basically challenged me to a fight when I told him to NOT talk to me.

I don't play games. Maybe it is time to consider other options, like maybe moving to another state or something along those lines. I can't fix the problem, because the person in question claims to have been here before me. I am sorry I have been here for over 3 years. I HAVE NEVER ONCE SEEN HIM. Yes I cut ties with him because of what he has done since he has been here...It's a fucking joke to think he can get away with all the shit he does and not pay.

His aunt even told me he is impossible to control and never listens to anyone. It's sad when someone takes you under their wing and does things to make you a better person and you fuck them over. I hope he learns his lessons the hard way.....maybe the way he will learn is to be scared out of this town or worse.

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