Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We try to do the right thing in life. People don't always listen. I have a friend who refuses to listen. Since moving here about a month ago he has been in constant trouble and I have tried to prevent it. And like usual he refuses to listen. He has been in 4 fights that I know of. One that broke his hand and may get him put in prison. I am sorry, but there is a line. HE  crossed the line and still expects me to train him and his brother. I can NO LONGER DO THAT. He threatened to go after someone that I work for when they need me to work. And that doesn't sit well with me or my fiancee. I do what I can to ease the tension, but I am only adding fuel to a fire that refuses to listen and has a temper. He went as far as to tell me that he would take me out....go ahead and try. I am only saying there is a line and it isn't meant to be crossed. But he did. And there are consequences for what he does. We will see what happens

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