Wednesday, June 22, 2011


People need to understand.....I hate to fight. But they insist on pushing me into a corner and provoking me to fight. It gets old in a hurry. I keep telling people that I won't fight unless I am forced into that position.

Some people look the other way, while others decide it's fine to try and get me wound up and in a fighting mood. It's not too smart. I do things right, and my work is my trademark, as is anyone's work. I used to be angry all the time, mad at everyone, mad at the world. But I learned that life ISN'T fair, and you don't always get what you want. With that in mind reconsider the post from yesterday. And realize there is a line and the person and people in question will NO LONGER train with me. I tried to help them, they spit on me and tried to screw me over. NOT THIS TIME. You got what you deserved. Don't come crying to me when it gets hard, it's called life.......get used to it

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